Less stess, more life!

The 6 months program for people with high workload and pressure

Personal 2h webinar & value loaded workbook

One to one email support for 6 months and weekly online group sessions

In the 2 hour webinar we discover your goal and set you up to start reaching it right away. You will see how stress and health are connected, in which dimensions of our life it can effect you and identify your individual mechanisms for a change!

Main techniques for stressreduction are discussed and you will receive an extensive workbook covering tecniques mentioned in the workshop and further infomation.

To support you along the way, one to one email support for six months is included in this package as well a weekly online group choachings.

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Less stress, more success!

16 week corporate program

Problem Identification- Goal Setting- Implementation – Evaluation

5x 3h webinar and workbook

Individual e mail newsletter

In my 16-week program, I support you in building a work environment in which the individual team members feel that they belong, experience meaning in their activities and enjoy ebracing their own strengths.

The offer consits of a complete process which includes the evaluation of the current situation, problem identification, goal setting, implementation, evaluation and adjustments.

During the implementation phase, training videos, live webinars, surveys as well as workbooks and email support are used for you and your employees. Together we are going to define the focus of the content to achieve the goal we set.

The offer can be implemented in German or English, depending on the company language.

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Stressmanagement, Resilience, Health and Wellbeing

By creating solutions I am inviting people to feel their intrinsic motivation for change. Small adaptions in everyday life can have huge outcomes over the time.

Sevices are offered as online workshops and coachings and are available in English or German.

On- site trainig days can be arranged after consutation.

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