Hi, I am Yara!

As a professional I support people of all ages, to find meaning in the occupations, which they want to do, need to do, or are expected to do.

This role includes working in one to one settings, as well as offering workshops for companies and communities. In my profession I combine the knowledge of medical expertise as well as the sciences of human occupation and social behaviour.

As external staff and guest lecturer at Universities of Applied Science in Austria and overseas, I support occupational therapy students in reaching their competence goals.

As a partner, mum and friend I value the time I spend with others and enjoy the most rural life you can probably imagine, on a little Island without cars, streetlights or shoppingmalls.

My first years as an Occupational Therapist

After graduating in occupational therapy I spent a year in New Zealand where I worked with people with intelectual disabilties. Back in Austria I started working for the Austrian National Assocciaton for Occupational Therapists where I soon became a board member and the delegate to the World Federation of Occupational Therapy.

From occupational therapy to holistic health coaching

During the last years in my private occupational therapy practice I used to work with people who already were suffering from health issues and therefore were not feeling well. A main aspect about my work changed back in 2015 after I attended a conference in Switzerland. I heard about research that showed, that a lot of women who were suffering from undefined wrist pain showed a decrease in pain levels after changing their job. And that even when the tasks in the new job where more challenging on a physical level for the wrist than the other position they had. And this was also aligned with what I could see at the practice. Many of my clients who were suffering from health issues were also unhappy with their work life. So I started focusing more on the aspect of mental health even when treating a person with a physical issue.

Occupational therapists in general do not only work on the body structures. They always see the connection between the person, the environment and the occupation. They support clients in in gaining overall wellbeing through occupational performance and belonging. But it was not until I heard about that study, that I made it a priority to find out more about their work life. But still I was often struggling to sufficiently address the environment, the person was working in. That’s when I started to focus on workplace health and wellbeing and health coaching.

I now feel that I can support way more people than in the 1:1 setting of the private practice and can prevent them from even having health issues.

Right now

I moved to the little Island of Sark. With only about 600 people living there and me having a little child, working remotely as an holistic health and wellness coach is the best option for me to support people. My online services offer you the freedom to scedule time for it wenever it suits you best, but at the same time you are supported personally whenever you want. With offline, printable materials like the 7 Day Challenge and the workbook you learn how to scedule time for yourself and your needs.

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