Rain and stress: yes, there are actually similarities!

We usually associate rain and stress with negative elements.
We are happy about the sun and we are fine when we are not stressed.
But rain and stress don’t always have to mean bad things when you know how to deal with both.
Rain is water and we need it for life and stress can help us in some situations to be more productive in the short term and also to protect us from dangerous situations.

However, I am talking about short episodes, be it rain or stress. If there is too much rain, the earth cannot absorb the large amounts of water and can no longer dry out as quickly and if there is too much stress or constant stress this will have long-term health consequences.

Be well equiped!

How stress affects each individual has a lot to do with how we deal with it. It is like the rain: if we are well equipped, e.g. with an umbrella and rainwear, it will not affect us much.
Our equipment also plays an important role in stressful situations. It is not the clothes or our home that protect us from stressful situations, but our personal attitude, our ability to counteract stressful situations. This means that we have to learn how to deal with external demands and the demands we place on ourselves. If we experience a situation as uncomfortable or threatening, this triggers negative stress in us. It is only good for our health if we learn to deal with stress in a positive way. Our mental attitude is the key factor when it comes to reducing stress. Nevertheless, of course, it also helps us not to let stressful situations arise in the first place by being able to plan ahead and think about processes and correctly assess our own strengths and weaknesses.
After heavy rainfall, the soil needs time to dry again and to recover. We should also offer our bodies these recovery phases on a regular basis. On a physical, cognitive and emotional level. And what we should also pay attention to for our body, long periods of drought and torrents are less good for the earth, like regular gentle showers and subsequent sunshine.

In summary, there are three areas we should acknowledge in order to be able to deal with stress in our everyday life:

Stressors can be avoided through good planning and realistic assessment of your own resources.

Not every stressor has to lead to a stress reaction. Unnecessary stress reactions of the body can be avoided through one’s own mental attitude.

Since stress cannot be avoided in general, the body should be given regular regeneration phases.

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